Final Fantasy Tactics: The game of ’98

Final Fantasy Tactics

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1997. Japan saw the release of Final Fantasy Tactics,  A tactical role-playing game. It’s very different from the earlier Final Fantasy games. It has the series staples that everyone would expect: Chocobos, Magic, A BIG story (Bigger than the other games I’d say.) Ultima, Summons. You know, all of it.

The game is all about the battles. If you’re not reading dialogue, You’re in a battle. (Or your changing jobs classes and playing with your characters in the many ways you can customize them. More on that later.) Anyway, The battles are like a chess game, With the idea that you should take your time and think about your moves. Battles can last for hours, Which may drive some away. It’s not the kind of game you can pick up and play for only an hour, or even just a few. Most RPGS aren’t games to be played in short periods of time.

The story is my favorite part of the game. It’s the reason this game is my second favorite. It has a deep plot, loads of characters and is a tantalizing story. I’d like to go into great detail about why it’s so awesome, But its been awhile since I’ve played it. It’s a church controlled “state”, At least they are seizing power. Well, Lots of people are seizing power, with the church or not. It’s medieval based, So that’s always fun. Dragons! The world of Ivalice is another great world to add to the Final Fantasy multiverse.

The music is composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, While the main series gets scored by Nobuo Uematsu. I prefer Nobuo’s work, But this is still a very good score. I listen to it all the time.

The artwork is great too. For a Playstation game, Everything looks very clean. If they had created a D & D game, With this style, Wizards of the coast would’ve had a successful game franchise.


The Job class system  can offer hours of fun, As boring as it might seem at first. The customization options are endless.  You can have a master of each job if you have the time to make that happen.


You’ll want Ramza to be a master of Multiple classes, You’ll likely want many characters to have abilities in a range of job classes.

It was one of the early RPGs I really dug into. I played it many times, over a period of years.

The game was remade for PSP.

War of the lions added cut scenes and a new job class to an already perfect game.

Everything it had to offer was meaningful to me at the time. Like Magic: The Gathering and all the other things young teens fill their nerdy lives with.



  1. Game with the best replay value ever. I didn’t even comprehend the story completely until the third time through, it was so nuts. Even before the final dungeon I would spend hours and hours trying to complete all of the side quests, making up my own stories as I went along… astounding.

  2. Yeah. The story isn’t something you can take in during one lay through, Not with everything else you have going on, Game play wise.

  3. I’ve been wanting to play this since 1998 and never have. I need to pick this up on PS1 disc or on PSN…Awesome article man.

    1. It’s 9.99 for “The War of the Lions” remake for psp, On PSN. I’ve been wanting to pick that up myself.

  4. Trevor, you know that the original FFT is also available on PS1 Classics for $10, right? Since you don’t own a PSP.

    Also, you say it’s your second favorite…what’s your first? FFVII? Twin Snakes?

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