Shakespeare Shaken, Mantua County and the Red Stylo Revolution

Breaking into the ‘Mainstream’ publishing industry is the hardest thing you can do; As a writer, Artist or Tracer. It’s even harder if you’re trying to kick-start your own, Ambitious new world.

Enter Red Stylo Media.
They are out there kicking ass, For all the creative voices, That go unheard by the Big Guys in publishing. They are having open calls now for their newest comic anthology. If you’ve got something that might be ready to take the ‘Editors test’, Put these guys  on your mailing list. At the very least, Take a shot at pitching a story for one of their upcoming anthology collections.


Shakespeare Shaken was their recent Anthology. It’s a great book, With great artwork, Filled with plenty of classic Shakespeare that we’ve all fallen in love with. You can buy the entire collection of stories, In print now!


Mantua County, Is the first story I bought and read from this collection. The story follows one of Shakespeare’s less talked about characters, From one of his most beloved plays. Like the play, It’s a tragic tale. One you won’t soon forget. It’s written by Erik Radvon. He is a Writer/Journalist and He’s even been on TV! He reviews comics over at Keep an eye on this guy. The worlds he creates feel real, With a hazy fog that makes them unique, With a touch of the surreal.


One comment

  1. Thanks for the kind words! And yes, Mr. Radvon is an emerging talent to keep eyes on–Mantua County was one of the first we approved.

    _Shakespeare Shaken_ is our second anthology, in fact: _The Poe Twisted Anthology_ debuted in 2011. Our third _Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology_ will be out in Auguest!

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